Best Budget Microphone Under $50 For YouTuber

Getting a better mic is really important these days.If your audio quality is not good then it is not good at all. So today in this post I have brought you up guys the best budget microphone just under $50.

Now if you guys are a gamer or YouTuber then you should definitely read this article. I will be explaining in-depth as possible as I can.

But I highly recommend you guys to stick with your budget. Don’t buy way more expensive microphone without knowing what microphone you’re buying.

Now you might think again that expensive microphone will give you awesome sound quality.But trust me it won’t happen because even a $50  mic can give the same quality of sound as 100$ microphone use to give.

So don’t go over expensive microphone which is way more than you budget, instead try alternative and save money.  Why? Because just buying a high expensive is not good. if you guys are at budget really recommend you guys spend less amount of money as you can.

You Guys can  Buy all these microphones by clicking on the link down below. It will take you to exact product what we are talking about.

So let’s get started right now:

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone:

Under $50 microphone, this one is also Best Budget Microphone with a price worth about 36$ with awesome sound quality. If you guys are trying to record music like playing the guitar or sing straight then this is the microphone for you.

Best Budget Microphone

Samson go

The Cool thing about this microphone is that it is pretty small in size and you can take this mic anywhere you want. Especially while you’re traveling. Go mic comes with small Clip and its awesomeness is that you can clip anywhere.

Check out Audio quality:

This mic comes with switchable cardioid and omnidirectional picking up pattern. You can set and precise the frequency response from 20hz – 18khz. With this, you are able to get professional studio level sound. Now this mic is also better for podcast if you love to start podcasting.

So That’s why this is one of best budget microphone. Its portable you can carry anywhere in your pocket, Plug and play directly.

Click here to Buy the Samson Go Mic

Blue Snowball ICE Condenser Microphone:

So a lot of the YouTuber they suggested on using blue snow. Because this one is also the best budget microphone which is worth 46$. Now Don’t overcome to big price even in the budget case.

I highly recommend you guys to choose the best microphone. You can play videos and check the sound quality of those all mics.

Blue Snowball Ice Microphone has a custom condenser capsule. That can give you crisp crystal clear sound on while you’re recording. This microphone is also a good USB Microphone.

If you want to get stunning audio quality then I recommend getting this mic. This mic has a custom condenser capsule with a cardioid polar pattern which can deliver studio level audio. It’s mostly used by Youtuber, Skype user’s twitch and much more.

Check out :

Now you might ask me again that if there is better than snowball ice?  Yes, there is but it’s double of price and it’s Blue Yeti Pro which is way more awesome than snowball. But as you are in budget snowball come’s with a great deal.

You can carry this mic but its size is not portable as Samson go. It is flexible so you need to be careful while carrying this microphone. It comes with a tripod which is not flexible but it will make your job done.

Click here to Buy the Blue Snow Ball Ice

 Samson Meteor:

Okay, guys so now we are going a little bit over the budget because there is the best alternative always.

Samson Meteor mic is perfect for your home studio, this mic is way better than both of above microphone. You can make an awesome recording of audio with this microphone.

The sound quality of this microphone is similar to $100 Yeti pro microphone. Whereas Price of Meteor Mic is $60  but sounds similar to the Yeti pro.

Check out the comparison and sound quality between blue snow and meteor:

This microphone comes with the largest condenser about 25 mm With  USB mic available. It does a great job on cardioid pickup pattern. Not just that it also give’s you smooth frequency 16bit, 44.1/48khz. Which also sounds professional audio results no matter what so ever your recording.

This mic is pretty small in size. it’s portal same like Samson go and you can carry this mic anywhere. It’s real easy to setup you just need to plug the USB into your laptop and plug and play.

Click here to Buy the Samson meteor

 Best Budget Microphone Under $50 Final Words:

These are the best budget microphone that you can buy right now for gaming, youtube, podcasting or recording. These are all of my personal list of the budget microphone. I know the list is so small but I have given you all the information. I hope so this article has helped you on purchasing your personal choice microphone. So bye for now and of course you can read my previous article on top 10 best android phone.