How To Disable Windows 10 Update

Hey what’s up guys today in this post I will show you how to disable windows 10 update. I know you guys are here just because that you want to stop your annoying windows 10 update which keeps updating even whit notifying you. Updating is process of making your computer up to date but it also wastes your precious time if you guys are working at business with no time.

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Why to disable windows 10 update?

Not to question more than one time but it’s what you want to do right. You need to disable windows 10 update because you will get serious annoying update at no time. But if you want to keep up to date then I don’t recommend you guys to disable windows 10 update. 😊 If you guys have slow internet then I recommend you to disable windows 10 update because with slow internet connection you guys are not able to update your windows fast. Not only that it will slow down your internet as well as pc too. If you got limited data plan to your isp then I recommend not to update it because it will download Giga Bytes of update and your packages will drained quickly not recommend if you have limited internet access with good speed.

Note: I highly recommend you guys just to update your windows 10 once you boot your format your pc completely as new computer because this let your computer download all require drivers for your pc. It’s very important to update your pc once you newly booted your computer.

What should you know before you disable windows 10 update?

You should have administrative access to your windows machine otherwise it won’t work. Because we need to play with system services for to disable it. Also make sure you are authorizing to disable update if your computer is at servers.

You should update late always because if your updating without knowing nothing issue in it then your operating system is going to crash or get in trouble.

So, I highly recommend you guys to research about the new update weather you have to update it or disable it. You should not put it in risk yourself for common problems with this. It does effect once you disable windows 10 update.

You must know your internet connection have good speed to get faster download while updating it. Make sure that you have turn on the disk protection on because this will save your computer from getting any error. I will show you how to turn on disk protection later on this post.

Will you get any problem after disabling windows 10 update?

With my experienced I got no any problem at all. But with my research many people are facing different problem after they have disable their windows 10 update. So, I recommend you to research problems after disabling windows 10 update too. 😉 But No worry I will show you exact method to disable it with no any problem. It means that you won’t get any problems at all even when you disable it. That’s what I am good in and I want to show you as well.

Alright without further ado let’s get to the main point and disable windows 10 update which is really annoying and disturbs lot of time.

How to disable windows 10 update?

Alright, guys it’s very damn easy to disable windows 10 update with just few clicks. I highly recommend you guys to follow step by step that I have given to you. 😊 So that you won’t get any serious problem.

First you should update your pc because if you have already installed windows 10 operating system what it does is it download the package and update it. So, we need to update previous incomplete package as well because it will not interrupt any issue later so believe me you need to update it.

Or maybe you guys just installed your pc now what? No worry you need to do same thing. Update your windows 10 completely first because it will download require drivers for your computer and it’s very important so don’t forget to update it. 😊

Well that’s all now let’s jump to step by step process and show you exact what you should be doing!


Okay I hope you have completed all the given above details.

Now first thing is you want to go to windows run to open windows run just press Windows + R button to open Run box.

How To Disable Windows 10 Update 2017

Press windows + Run


It will show you the box like above picture!

Now type or paste this command on that box: “services.msc” this is command for opening all windows services not just windows update and you should see something like picture below.


How To Disable Windows 10 Update 2017

Services MSC menu

Above picture shows you services and now you should find windows update from that 😊

Then simply double click it and you will see this box popup

Now simply just set that to disable and click on apply

How To Disable Windows 10 Update 2017

Disable Windows 10 Update 2017

That’s it guys your done now you can restart your pc or laptop then come back soon there should be no any update because we have disabled it. 😊

IF you want update simply follow my simple steps and set to enable and click on apply and restart your computer that’s it. 😊

Now don’t forget to thank me at the end of this article. Because I know your happy to get your windows update disable and your enjoying with no any annoying update.

Conclusion: Only update as I have mentioned above. If you did enjoy reading this article or if you gain lot of valuable thing’s with this article then please don’t forget to share with your friends and family as well 😊 so that can trouble shoot with this easy trick. Or even you can fix for them as well.

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