Fingerprint Sensor Issues After Installing Android 7.1.2 Nougat Update In Pixel And Nexus

If you were just waiting to know that android 7.1.2 is safe for your pixel and nexus phone, then you guys are the right place. As a lot of google pixel and nexus users are facing fingerprint sensor problem so lucky for them who have not installed yet. It’s just suicide if you try to upgrade android 7.1.2 because this will fail fingerprint sensor on your device.

Fingerprint Sensor Issues Installing Android Nougat

Fingerprint Sensor Issues Installing Android Nougat

However, new updates use to be fixing all the bugs, but instead, it’s creating more bugs? Which is slightly worse for both user and company as well.
Google Pixel and Pixel XL users have already faced another problem related to microphone problems, camera, and Bluetooth which even crashes entire smartphone operating system too.
Whenever a user updates their pixel XL, Pixel, Nexus 5x and 6P they will face the device have broken fingerprint scanner sensor.

Pixel Fingerprint Scanner Issue

People over google product’s forum talking that the new android nougat update has affected the functioning of the pixel XL fingerprint scanner. Whenever they complete their update they would get an error message in red color at the edge of the screen if they try to unlock their phone with a fingerprint.

Fingerprint Sensor Issues Installing Android Nougat

They have even tried clearing their caches with no changes. Also, they deleted fingerprints too, and re-added them it might help, but it has not fixed or worked instead of that they keep getting the same messages. But not all people were getting such problem on the forum there are people they are saying that they didn’t get any problem while updates.

Nexus 6P and nexus 5x fingerprint scan issue

The Same issue is facing by users of nexus devices if they update to 7.1.2 android. They update the phone to 7.2.1 then fingerprint sensor is not working at all to unlock the phone. Some of them also try to safe boot even factory resetting is done. But it didn’t fix those problems at all.

What did google say?

Fingerprint Sensor Issues Installing Android Nougat
From the pixel community manager, Orrin said “We have a few reports of users having issues with the fingerprint sensor after accepting the OTA 7.1.2. If it’s happening with you, then you can post your own experience here!! I will be reaching out too few of you for bug reports.”

Any way to fix this problem?

Some people they try to delete all the fingerprints and swapped to none for the lock screen. But this did not work are all and the pixel imprint just disappears from their security settings. They have even deleted all those fingerprints stored on their phone and also did a hard reset. But fingerprint sensors on the updated nexus or pixel device indicate to start work again.
No one knows why this is happening? What is causing the problem? However, google will take quick action and send a new update for to resolve that problem