How To Fix WO Mic Robot Voice

So hey guy’s it’s me here nice to see you guys back again and again. So today in this Article i’m going to share solution to fix wo mic robot voice problem.

Now If you guys don’t  know what is womic then it is basically usb microphone application in android or ios. If you are using headset or bad microphone then it’s time to say goodbye.

Turn your android in high quality USB microphone. Download Wo mic

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Actually it does a great job like if you want to setup Wo-mic in your PC then follow this video:

The above video illustrate on setting up your android device as USB microphone.

So let’s move to the solution to Fix WO Mic Robot Voice.

If you guys have use wo mic you might already notice you will get those problem. so actually it’s really easy to solve 🙂

Very first thing is that you need to be connected with WO mic in USB mode.

Make sure your using USB mode in wo mic because this solution won’t work with Bluetooth or WiFi network.  So if you are connected to USB mode then it will definitely solve your problem.

Now once you are connected in USB open task manager by pressing  CTRL+ SHIFT + ESC.

Jump to detail tab then you will find adb.exe  now right click on adb.exe then click on set priority then set it to real-time.

Fix WO Mic Robot Voice

Alright so why we done this because we need to make it on higher process more than other programs on background.

Alright once you set that to higher scroll down and find wo mic client.exe 

Now right click on wo mic client then do same thing like we did to adb.exe 😉 easy ah ? !

Fix WO Mic Robot Voice

So once you done this it should almost Fix WO Mic Robot Voice and that’s how you should fix it.

Note: This remain temporary it means you need to repeat same process all the time once you connect your womic again.


Video tutorial:

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