How To Get YouTube Subscribers And Grow YouTube Channel Fast

Hello, guys welcome back to thelifehax and today in this post I will be teaching you guys how to get YouTube subscribers easily. Also, I will be teaching you all the best and legit ways to grow YouTube channel fast. So keep calm and read the full article. Worth to read once.

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We will be following these points as a summary so that it could be easy to explain you guys:

  • What is YouTube?
  • How to build brand to grow YouTube channel
  • Selecting right niche for to grow YouTube Channel faster
  • How to get Video ideas
  • How to get massive views with trending topic
  • How to tag properly?
  • How to write a description?
  • How to increase CTR(click through rate) on YouTube
  • How to create eye-catching thumbnails?
  • How to increase watch time?
  • How to SEO videos on YouTube?

So we are going to cover above following points and as always I will deep dive you guys on each topic so that you can understand what actually is YouTube and how you should work on YouTube to grow your YouTube channel.

I am here to teach you my best I won’t teach you anything bad like spam 😊  Everything I’m going to show you are 100% legit and you must implement this secret formula on your channel to get YouTube subscribers. 😝

What is YouTube?

Many people out there on the internet called YouTube is just a website where people use to watch video right? Yes, it’s correct but it’s not just only a website it’s the world’s giant big website that you can play video and it’s  worlds 2nd largest website as well.

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What is youtube?

it is also a 2nd search largest engine and yeah YouTube is also Google’s platform. Where as a partner site by!  People over YouTube they use to play video just by searching did you remember?  so that’s why it is known as a video based search engine.

Every search engine has its own algorithm to and if you can find it’s secret you can win it. If you can find it you can get YouTube subscribers and grow your channel naturally. 😉

What is YouTube channel?

YouTube itself is like a TV and people can create an account on their profile and that’s called channel. It maybe their profiles channel or brand channel.

We all now it’s digital life these days it means TV will get replaced by YouTube soon.😃 So that’s why you must create your own YouTube channel soon.

It’s completely free but there is a strict rule too that you must follow before your channel gets terminated. So make your channel today and get YouTube subscribers as quickly as possible.

Selecting Right Niche For To Grow YouTube Faster

Before you guys even start your YouTube channel you must find a profitable niche first. Don’t go to a niche that is already been saturated because it will make you bored and you won’t get YouTube subscribers and views as you guys expected. So you should find a niche that dominates your YouTube channel and gets YouTube subscribers.

So you should find a niche that dominates your YouTube channel and gets YouTube subscribers.

Ah, how to find niche or topic now that’s the question right. So I’m here to guide you how to find those hidden gems niche but I’m not here to get hired by you and find the niche.

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Selecting Niche


😝  So you must find your niche yourself by using keyword research tools. I recommend you to start using Google planner and there is another tool as well you can easily find them. But today in this topic I will mention you guys planner tool for to research your niche.

Here is a great article for your head start with google planner for your youtube channel.

Alright, all we need to do is finding a profitable and unsaturated niche that will dominate your youtube channel.  Now all you got to be doing is put the keyword on the planner tool and click on get ideas.

Then planner tool will show you competition and searches also bids. So if there is high competition then it’s very bad sign for you or you should not go to that niche because it’s already been saturated.

So try next topic and make sure to find a topic that is not saturated and competition is low. Now that it would be easier for you guys to rank your YouTube videos. With a Perfect niche, you are able to able to get YouTube subscribers on a specific topic.

How to build brand to grow YouTube channel

Now let’s talk about how you should build a brand. First thing is that if you are willing to start your channel or have already then I recommend you guys build your channel like a brand.

It’s very important to build branding channel more than normal because brand help to know your channel fast.

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How to Build Brand

So I recommend you guys to build a brand not just only the YouTube channel. You should have a proper plan what type of brand you should make.

So you should think that how not to get a bad reputation for your brand. If you guys get a bad reputation on your channel then it will be quite hard to get it back.

You must think about your brand how to grow your brand in the proper way. Now brand your channel first find good and unique channel name which is not used on YouTube. Setting up channel name may be tedious and confusing. So you can also name your channel as your content idea too but make sure it looks unique and easy to remember for your viewer.

So you can also name your channel as your content idea too but make sure it looks unique and easy to remember for your viewer.

It might take more than 1 hour for to get good channel name which is not used because these days youtube is filled with Lot of channels.

So once you have setup your channel name then you guys are ready for to channel SEO. Now if you don’t know what is channel SEO then it’s basically adding meta tag on your youtube channel.

Why should you add keywords or tags on YouTube channel? You should add because it helps you guys to get your channel more discoverable also to get YouTube subscribers fast. 😊

How to add keywords, it’s just simple to go to then you will find their channel keyword and paste there simply. You should put your channel name then whatever video you’re going to put on your channel you should put topic there.

This one is for you guys if you want to make nice Intro for your youtube channel using android no need of a computer.

You should put your channel name then whatever video you’re going to put on your channel you should put topic there.

Here is a video for you if you want tutorial:

How to get Video ideas

Dude, I don’t know how to get kick ass video idea :/ I’m tired of thinking what to make next video. Alright, guys stop frustrating like that, getting video ideas are good but it’s better not to over think.

Well, it’s not possible to get video ideas by just thinking you need to do is keyword research first think about your content type. 😝

get YouTube subscribers

How to get video ideas

Try to check trending too, what’s going on or trend and try to make a video related to the trend by mixing with your content. Like Justin Bieber feature with Niki Minaj, lol. You can even search on YouTube search bar type any phrase top on YouTube search box and it should give you tons of keyword there.

You can use those keywords too because that’s what people are searching for more. Make sure to use that relevant topic of the keyword on your tags because it helps your videos to be popped at suggested too.

You can also try using Google search engine it’s the same thing but you will get more idea and you can even bring traffic using Google by ranking top of Google too. That’s why keyword research is very important before making any video it’s perfect way to get video ideas too. With great video idea, you can get YouTube subscribers active and very quickly.😊

How to get massive views with trending topic

You might see trending videos and most of that video are bad but guess what you can bring a load of traffic using trending topic. With trend, you can explode your YouTube channel.

It’s so powerful way to grow your channel that it can even skyrocket because your topic will be hot. What about subscribers? Ah yes, you will also get YouTube subscribers overnight if your video gets viral.

get YouTube subscribers

How to get views

You might even get million of views by a day or within half a day. Yes, this is quite possible because trending videos are overplayed by people.

So you need to make a video related to trending, but don’t just copy it because you will face copyright strike. Trending can get YouTube subscribers So make sure that you say “subscribe my channel and ring notification bell “at an end and first of video!

How to tag properly?

Tagging is very important more than just uploading. Because it helps you to get at suggested video even it will rank your video at top of YouTube search. Which can bring flooded traffic to your channel?

Also, you can get YouTube subscribers too. Please do not spam tags at description box, description box is just to put info and links it’s not placed where you should tag.

Also, don’t think now I’m going to get YouTube subscribers by putting pewdiepie name in it.  No don’t ever do it, That’s not how you tag. You should tag your keyword with relevance search in it.

Note: Do not use another channel name to  get YouTube subscribers or views it doesn’t make sense and YouTube will kick your channel too

get YouTube subscribers

How to tag

If you tag on description then YouTube will terminate your channel due to spam. So make sure to put tag keyword at tag section and  I recommend you guys to tag with relevance keyword.

Please don’t use spam tags as well like your video is about photoshop but you’re using pew die pie as tag it won’t work like that it will be spam just.

So make sure to put killer keywords on tags and get more exposed for the YouTube channel.  By this method, you can get YouTube subscribers and grow your channel much faster and quick!

How to write a description?

Now a day’s people on YouTube don’t care about description. But in my experience description play a vital role to get video rank at the top.

All you want to do is write a brief description explaining what’s your video is about so that people would know. Also, include some important links at the description. YouTube allows you to put your website too.

You should put your site link as well because it will match with your branding. As I have already mentioned you guys do not spam tags over description.Because it’s against YouTube community guidelines check here all about its policy and rules you must follow these.

The description is so much important because it helps to rank. So I recommend you guys to write 500-800 words of description for your YouTube videos because it boosts your video a bit.

You can also get subscriber by using description. As I’ve said YouTube allow you to put links so you can put your subscription there to get YouTube subscribers. 😉

You can also put your social profiles links Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, including your YouTube subscription link.

How to increase CTR(click through rate) on YouTube?

What is CTR? it’s click-through rate, how to increase CTR in YouTube. These days it measures at watch time more than CTR. But to increase CTR you should use awesome Click-bait and eye-catching thumbnails.

But don’t make click bait like boobs on thumbnails that should kill your channel. It won’t even get YouTube subscribers because it won’t work.

get YouTube subscribers

Increase CTR

If you put that thing on the thumbnail then you should get terminated soon.😝 Just try to make popping up thumbnail which can drive awesome amount of traffic through CTR. Not only CTR you should better focus over watch time.

How to create eye-catching thumbnails?

Creating thumbnail have become very important because it can drive a good amount of traffic too. Because people on YouTube click on good looking thumbnails because they know that good quality thumbnail have good video. You will also get YouTube subscribers faster if your video is played by thumbnail.

You will also get YouTube subscribers faster if your video is played by thumbnail.

get YouTube subscribers

Create EYE Catching THumbnail

It will increase CTR as I have explained above. So here is a tutorial video for you on how to create the awesome thumbnail for YouTube videos.

How to increase watch time?

Increasing watch time is not a joke it’s very hard to increase watch time because you need to create an awesome video which people enjoy to watch.

You should make such kind of video which people will watch from start to end then you can increase the watch time. It means you need to have high-quality HD with valuable information.

the more people going to watch your video it will rank better on a search engine. If you got good watch time then your channel will grow faster and you will also get YouTube subscribers active.

get YouTube subscribers

Increase your watch time

Let’s say you go to the cinema and what if you’re watching a boring movie. I bet you will leave the cinema hall because it made you bored right?

So same thing happened on YouTube. You must make a video that is enjoyable and better with to watch from start to end. Now I am not telling you to make a movie.

Seriously just make a video that you love it and other people love it. That’s how you can increase watch time and you can grow YouTube channel fast.

How to SEO videos on YouTube?

Just uploading your video doesn’t make any sense on YouTube. Because without optimizing your video with SEO you can’t rank your video at top of search and suggested area as well.

Your not able to get YouTube subscribers and grow your channel if you can’t rank or get popped in the suggested area.

get YouTube subscribers

Video SEO

That’s why 70 % of your video is about seen it’s very important to SEO your each video. If you are not doing SEO then recommend you guys to start from today because it plays a great role.

It will bring major changes in your growth of your brand. You should have the good title with a good keyword that no one has used yet.

Not only that you should also rename your video title as keyword before uploading at YouTube.  Do the same thing with thumbnail too.  Write the super long description and relevant tag. That’s all guys. Check out how to monetize your YouTube channel in 2017 new rule

Note: If You Got More views then you will get YouTube subscribers a lot.
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Wrapping Up

This is how you should grow your youtube channel and get YouTube subscribers faster. So I hope this article is valuable for you guys.I hope you get advance ideas too as I have explained in-depth as I can.

If you got any question’s just comment down below I’m there for you guys always. Thanks for spending your good time on this article. Share it with your friends.