How To Make Money At Home Online For Free

We love to make money online at home, it is known as easy money. Well If you want to earn or make money online at your home then you guys are at right place. I will show you today how you can make money online at home, also we are going to discuss whether it’s good or bad even how much we can earn at online. Without Further ado let’s get started to the point.

We all know that money won’t grow over tree: P making money online is not easy as well, there are several methods that you guys can make money online. You might already have been searching on google that how to make money at home right?

You guys have explored lot of other articles as well. Well my guide for you to make money online is simple as possible. It’s 100% legit way to make money online but You need to work and give some time as we know making money consume work and time. I will show you some ways to make money online that I’m using right now!

Work On Website:

There are the ton of website they pay you if you work on the website. Some of them require your skills and next on like completing survey or shopping as well testing products. But thing is that you can’t make the bigger amount of money with these sites but at least you can make some bucks by doing less work. There are even a scam and scum website that will take your money for registration so do not trust those types of sites beware become smart don’t get scammed.

I will give you some sites that do pay for you guys:

1.User testing -This website pay you 10$ just by testing given websites. People are making 10$ – 100$ using this website! All you need to do is watch if someone there is new to the site, and you should try to check it. Once you complete your task then you will get 10 bucks.😉 Yeah, $10 is small but as a task it’s worth.

2.SwagBucks – If you want to earn some few extra amounts of money then swag buck is also a good site. You can do the different task to make money from sawbucks. You can earn money by playing games completing survey’s even just using their search engine too. Note: You won’t get millionaire by these ways but at least you generate few bucks from it.

3.Fiverr– Now if you guys don’t know what is Fiverr? It is the best place where people make logo intros, banner, Photoshop’s and a lot of things, and make few bucks or spend some few bucks. Everything people on Fiverr sell services over $5 and services is known as gigs. You can also open the Fiverr account and create your own gig’s, all you need to do is sell services of your creative skills, that may be photoshop or anything. If you have good skills and want to turn your skills to profit, then Fiverr is the great place for you. People willing to pay more bucks if you provide them services in hours.

4.Freelancer: If you love to work at home then the best place is the freelancer. If you are self-employed and you want to work for client’s or get hire, make some money then freelancer is best. This is bit hard but if you put some time on this site and work out consistently you can make $100 + within the week. This is same like Fiverr but as Fiverr it has gig’s but in freelancer-client will hire you to get their work done. They will give you project but project are bigger and if you could complete those projects for them you will get paid more than $100+. This might make you rich if you can be successful on freelancer.


how to make money at home online for free

how to make money at home online for free

The next best way to make money online at home is showing advertisement over videos and post. All you need to have is AdSense or another advertisement network.

What is AdSense?

It is the advertising program that let you monetize your website blog or videos. You can sing up for AdSense account get approved and you’re ready.

There are alternative to AdSense like “” which let you do the same thing like AdSense but best advertising network is google AdSense.

Let’s follow these steps to make money with AdSense

1.Website: Now if you guys have your own blog or website and you got good traffic then you can use AdSense to your blog or website and make money depends upon your traffic. With AdSense, you can earn a lot of money it depends on traffic. If you are the just beginner and you don’t have so much traffic, then you need patient for traffic first before making money. Once you get a good amount of traffic then you can make $100 -$500 a month. No one can say how much we could make through AdSense it all depends upon ad clicks and traffic you got to your site. Even people are making 1000 dollars within a month or even a day. It is possible with google AdSense.

2.Youtube: Now! Hey, YouTube is just for video and entertainment only if you guys are thinking like that your wrong. It’s Place where creator creates a video for entertainment and make some money from it. AS you guys know YouTube is second largest search engine people daily visit YouTube and search videos and watch them. But have you guys ever notice that sometime while you play the video you can see ads?

Those ads are shown through google AdSense. People are making millions of $$$$ just by creating videos. Let’s not talk about pewdiepie videos because he makes $$$$xxxxx of money within a month. As a normal user on YouTube with or without few subscribers, they just make 100+ dollar a month and it all depends on traffic source and ads click through your video. People tell you about 1000 views equal to 1$ that’s bullshit guys, fuck these people who ever is saying because you can get $1 even at 10 views it all depends on traffic and your title keywords.

Now let’s not dive into this I will cover it later. Comment down below if you want 😉!!
So, if you love to make an awesome video and share to the world and make money this is the great place to start over. But this might take a bit time. Maybe months or year.

Affiliate marketing:

how to make money at home online for free

how to make money at home online for free

The next best way to make money online at home is affiliate marketing. This is the process of making money by selling people’s product from your site. All you will get is what percentage of a commission that you will be rewarded with your affiliate program. So, there are the lot of affiliate network and you can join them and make money at the affiliate program.

All you will get is what percentage of a commission that you will be rewarded with your affiliate program. So, there are the lot of affiliate network and you can join them and make money at the affiliate program.

These are some of the affiliate programs:

So all these lists are the affiliate networks. You can make ton and ton of money. This is good for those people who don’t have AdSense account as well. All you need to do is join their affiliate program by singing up. All you need to do is copy the product link then promote through your social media or website or even a YouTube channel if you got a big number of the subscriber’s😊. With affiliate marketing, you can make a ton of money it depends on traffic and number of sales that you made. This is also the same thing as offline shopping just think you the agent and your selling goods online. People are making $500 – $1000’s in day month or year.😝

As I have already told you it depends on traffic, right?  So, go ahead and start doing affiliate marketing.
These are my experienced tips now you guys can also make money online at home with these methods. Let me know how much you could make with these methods. Feel free to comment down and share with your friends I you find it’s valuable and helpful article to you. Till then goodbye peace!!


is it possible to online jobs at home without investment? 
Yes, you can it’s possible.

Is it possible to get online job for students?
Yes, as I am also the student I’m also working online job.

how to earn money online with google?
Well of course with google Adsense.

Is online typing job good?
In My opinion it’s not good better go through affiliate or advertise instead of that!
Can we earn money online PayPal?
Of course yes, you can using fiverr, freelancer, swagbucks… so on.