NSA Exploit Shadow Brokers Dump At Windows Servers 2017

Those of who are been using windows server right now it’s very bad news for them because of Friday¬†release suspected NSA spying tools. These cyber weapons or hacking tools, they are now publicly available at worldwide it can hack old windows machine easily.

NSA Exploit Shadow Brokers Dump

An anonymous group calls the shadow brokers they have already leaked the files online. Not only that they already set worries now criminals can incorporate themselves with their own hacks.

Matthew Hickey said this ” these leak can be put to nation-state tools over any individual whoever wants”.

Researcher have already discovered all the files and over all those files they have 20+ windows exploits, 4 of them use to be unknown software vulnerabilities.They are still in research but they found that only older windows like NT XP and windows have an exploit.

Matthew hickey also said that “computers running on windows server are at risk now”.

That’s because all the exploits algorithm works over the server base windows operating system.He also found the leaked name Eternal blue which can directly remote older windows and that can easily execute codes.


He explained that attacker can now use those tools to hack windows computer and run their own codes. Like a hacker can get access to backdoor then he can manually upload to many other servers not only that those can even act as ransom ware.

Now the main thing is that the computers that are using firewall should be safe. But if your companies are not using it then should consider disabling some functions so that exploit can’t use so far.The eternal can hijack protocols with server messages block and NetBt.

NSA Exploit Shadow Brokers Dump watch this video.

Sarwate¬†said this“All of the customers must keep an eye out for this, and they should patch them ASAP when patcher becomes available, management towards assets are too much crucial”