NSA Leaked Windows Hacks Patched By Microsoft Already

You know or not the NSA leaked windows hacks got already patched by Microsoft. All Exploit were released by the team shadow brokers.  Those cyber weapons were released yesterday online, So luckily Microsoft was able to test it out and confirm all those patches are ready for all version of windows right now. But not yet, older version system could be still vulnerable to those exploits. However, Microsoft will patch them as soon as possible. If you forgot to read shadow brokers exploit click here.

NSA Leaked Windows Hacks patched

Their response come late after an hour ago due to fears from different vulnerability researchers or pentester’s,  even they told them to turn off the system for a week. Also, Edward Snowden NSA’s whistleblower weighed over the exploits by claiming they did not warn Microsoft about all leaked exploits.

Now if you are running windows 7 or more above versions then you don’t need to worry because of your safe from those exploit as you apply the latest update from windows updates.If you’re using windows XP or any old windows then now it’s time to change or upgrade it to the newer version due to those security flaws and mostly exploit are still unpatched so beware.