Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

Recently I was roaming around another blog so I got no time to update here I’m really about that guys. Today in this post I have finally brought you guys top 10 android apps that you must have in 2017.

I have made a grid list here and I’m Going demonstrate you with useful resources. So let’s explore the amazing apps for Android in July.

Fastest Mini Browser:

Out of top 10 android apps list it is also the must have the app because it is very good browser than other. “Why ?” First thing is that it is really small size just 1 mega byte.

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

Next is it give’s you powerful browsing experience. More than google chrome and firefox this one is a mini web browser with the mini body. The best thing about this browser is it’s lightweight with powerful browsing tools.

Among Top 10 Android Apps This app is my favorouite browser these days.

VPN Master – Free VPN Proxy:

So what is VPN:

For those who are new to tech field,  You might don’t know VPN! let me explained it. VPN is known as the virtual private network that allows you to extend across all public network or the internet.

The cool thing about the VPN is that it let us send and receive data across shared or public networks when their devices are connected to the private network.

Top 10 Android Apps

VPn master

VPN Master is an app that allows you to change do the same thing as I explained above. It also changes your Ip address, not only that it will be useful for them who want to stay anonymous over the internet.

People use VPN services for many things like to be untraceable, hiding intensity and safe. So VPN master allows you to do that and it also gives you free VPN. I basically use it for to stay anonymous on the internet.

HOLLA – best random video chat:

 If you ever wonder to meet a stranger on the internet then this app is must have one for you. With holla you can Connect to the random stranger just like Omegle.
Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017


It is free and fun to use, People you’re going to meet is all real. You can make new friends with this app because people on holla are same like us. Just swipe to go conversation with next stranger! Among all these Top 10 Android Apps this one is my time pass app.

Survival Manual:

If you guys are traveling then I recommend installing this because it helps you a lot. This app works offline it basically shows you:

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

survival manual

What is important and what you need to do for surviving in case of an extreme situation.  It includes the lot of manuals which you will need for surviving. Among Top 10 Android Apps you must have this one because you will need it one day.

Like planning and kits, basic medicine, shelter, water procurement, fire, food procurement, desert, tropical and lot more. it’s better you give a try for this app. 🙂 it save’s your life if you’re in extreme situation.

Adobe Illustrator Draw:

If you want to draw and create a vector art then Adobe Illustrator is one of the best apps in the play store that you will find out.

Top 10 Android Apps

Adobe illustrator Draw

You can create vector based art with images and you can directly send to you CC Illustrator or photoshop. You have to features like brushes. colors and another tool so on. Enjoy drawing in your android.


If your animation lover and you like to animate text and make gif or video then this is really amazing app. With this app, you guys can create a stunning animation that looks “wow” cool. 

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017


You can even make typography or intro for your youtube channel with this app. Take a look at this article if you are interested in creating the intro for your youtube channel with Legend. Give a try it’s really fun and easy.


If you have the dream to play drum then this drum app will make your dream comes true.  This app is really good as far as I have also tested and played a lot. It is different than real Drum app you can also compare between real drum. 🙂

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017


You can play the song along with this app and the good thing about this app is it is fast and sounds real drum also make sure to turn off the wifi because of ads it might lag your device.  Now you can accomplish your dream come true chill out guys.

Stellarium(paid $2.31):

Stellarium is sky map app that allows here you to find all the universe parts like planets galaxy’s, horoscopes, in real time. You can explore the universe with this app, if you got the telescope and willing to find the planet then this app is must have for you guys.

Top 10 Android Apps


This saves a lot of time for researching planets galaxies all about the universe. You can capture a photo if you got good macro lens camera.  YOu can also watch my recent video on how I use this app to capture moon and Jupiter and other planets. Among Top 10 Android Apps this one’s my daily use.

YOu can also watch my recent video on how I use this app to capture moon and Jupiter and other planets.
Take a Look:


Volume slider:

It’s pretty damn awesome app if you guys want to control your volume just by sliding!  You can download this it’s free. This is simple to use and very very useful tool.


Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

Volume slider


Whenever you want to just mute music volume but not ringtone then this app is handy in that case. So set it up in your way it gives you edges to control like media, system, ringer and even a notification.

Now say good bye to your volume button and use volume slider.



Wo Mic

Well, guys, this is the final app among all Top 10 Android Apps. Wo Mic is a very useful app if you don’t have a mic or you’re in the budget or some other problem.

It’s very powerful app because you guys can turn your android mobile to USB microphone. The sound quality is good enough, you guys are hearing my voice in my youtube video.

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have 2017

Wo Mic

It is recorded with Wo mic. Let me know in a comment how is this quality. I need to use wo mic because I’m in Nepal and I can’t buy the good mic like Yeti pro (not available here)  due to no Amazon and eBay services.

If your case similar to me worth to use this app!
watch this video for how I use and how you should:

Well, enjoy using your free USB mic and thanks for Wo Mic 🙂

So that’s all the Top 10 Android Apps list for today I will be back soon with more cool new apps for Android.  Also, subscribe to my youtube channel and stay notify for early updates.  If you found this source useful please share with your techies’ friends 🙂 Thank you guys for giving time to read on my blog.  I Will see you in next new update.

I Will see you in next new update.

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