6 best android apps you must install right now!


Today in this article i’m going to show you 6 best android apps you must install right now. If you guys are tech lover then you guys are in the right place. To get more latest update from this channel hit that red subscribe button and don’t forget to turn on notification bell as well.So without further ado let’s roll into this article right now.

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6 Awesome Android Apps

Now You will never forget the little things anymore. With Notin we can easily save notes or reminders as notification.

It will help you while reminding things that you need to do, Like random number you do not wan to save in your contacts and lot more you can get help through your notifications now.


The reminder doesn’t pop-up or rings, it just sits there and still does it’s job most efficiently.

This app is good because it save what you need, quickly. It is beautifully designed. It’s just easy to use. 🙂


6 Awesome Android Apps

minimalist wallpapers app is loaded with a unique and creative collection of minimal Backgrounds.  You can make your  mobile stand out with excellent MINIMALIST wallpapers and Background. Each and every wallpaper is unique in its own way. You can Give a special look to your device using this wallpaper app right now.


This app has 2500 minimal wallpapers and background currently. As well new wallpapers are added everyday. YOu don’t need to worry about scaling it can be apply to you device without cropping.


You can Choose among hundreds of minimal Images and feel the best phone customization ever.


Text Converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text

6 Awesome Android Apps

This App is very Useful For people who want to send private n highly sensitive messages secretly to people.

You can encode your text message to any form.

There are lot of ways to encrypt your message using this app like you can convert to ascii, binary, hex,octal,  and more. But for to decrypt you need same application with your friend whom your texting  🙂


As if you want to send your friend with stylish text then this app wil do great job beacuse there are 40 stylist way.


Or what about decoration there are lot of funky decorate text. You can share your text with encrypt or with any short of stylist or decoration you want


Send it directly to messenger , or copy paste  easy.


PictureThis – Plant Identification

6 Awesome Android Apps


Now if you guys are at beautiful garden with lot variety of flower and if you are curious to know what type of plant they are then you guys really need this app.

With this app you can easily find  what plant it is and more information about plant.


Just take or submit a photo to instantly and accurately identify. With PictureThis, you get advanced artificial intelligence that’s always ready to identify any plants and flowers you discover.

Enjoy discovering plants that you are willing to know about.


SpotOn Alarm for Spotify

6 Awesome Android Apps

If you are still using your old alarm clock then its now time to replace it with spot on alarm. SpotOn Alarm lets you create alarms and use your Spotify tracks, albums and playlists as alarm ringtone.


You can play any track, playlist and album directly from spotify. It works with both tablet and phone. The great thing is that you can even play music on other devices using spotify connect.



6 Awesome Android Apps

Now if you guys love paid apps as freebies then this is must have app for you. Every day developers make their paid apps available for free for a limited time only. This app let you discover paid apps that are free for limited time.
Well you can grab those apps for free. Once you have installed then you don’t need to pay or do something. And this is the legl way to download app for free from playstore.!

wrapping up: That’s all for today i will be coming back with more cool and awesome android apps. If your favorite apps is missed then please comment down below. So, have a great time and as always thank you for reading my article 🙂  peace.